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Summit 2003 - Jackson, NH
July 31 - Aug 3, 2003

Amazing!!!  Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures.

Wsummitstaff.jpg (26339 bytes)

The Summit 2003 Staff

Wtrack.jpg (38219 bytes)

The Jackson 500 track. 

wbestinshow.jpg (44456 bytes)
Best in show.
Wcanada.jpg (27035 bytes)

Just some of the Canadian 
contingency who attended 
Summit 2003.

Wdavepolish.jpg (50736 bytes)

(Before) Dave polishing his car before the car show on Saturday.

Wdaveafter.jpg (39534 bytes)

(After) Dave at the car show.

Wcorfrombus.jpg (48783 bytes)

View from the British bus of the car show.

Wjohnandsteve.jpg (26608 bytes)

John Colgate and Steve Bell

Wlot.jpg (40532 bytes)

Look at all of those cars!!

Wparkinglot.jpg (31763 bytes)

More cars...

Wstevecar.jpg (40191 bytes) Wcarshowflag.jpg (29483 bytes)
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